Beep-Beep, Richie: The IT Director’s Cut Arrives Next Year

Bonus: see the IT alternate opening that was too shocking for theaters.

For reasons we're still not clear on, Andy Muschietti's IT (one of the top-grossing, most popular films of the year) will not be on Blu-ray in time for Christmas. Oh, you can buy it digitally, sure, but if you wanted something physical to tuck into the stocking of your favorite Stephen King fan, it's gonna have to be a book (or a Dark Tower DVD, if said friend was an asshole all year).

But here's some good news: according to Bloody Disgusting...

"We reached out to Muschietti on Instagram earlier today, asking him if that planned Director’s Cut was still on the menu. “Yes, but in a few months,” he replied."

As you know, a response on Instagram is not an official press release, so we'll need to take this one with the appropriate amount of salt (more of a pinch than a handful, to be sure), but that's certainly exciting to hear. Muschietti's IT dropped several scenes from its shooting draft, including a lengthy flashback sequence revolving around Dat Boi Pennywise's very first encounter with Derry's residents (if memory serves, it took place in the late 1600's), and we're hyped to find out which of those scenes might show up in a new cut of the film.

We'll have to wait - and, yes, probably double-dip - to find out. And while we're doing that, please enjoy the "alternate opening" embedded below, which shows a very different outcome to the sequence that opened Muschietti's film. 

Be forewarned, King fans: this footage may shock you.