Check Out The Surreal First Trailer For A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE

David Wain tells the story of the National Lampoon, with famous people playing other famous people.

The story of the National Lampoon's rise to power contains a lot of drugs, a lot of bad behavior, and some of the most famous comedians ever to walk the Earth. It was, in other words, only a matter of time before someone decided to turn that story into a movie.

That someone is director David Wain, whose A Futile And Stupid Gesture is headed for Netflix. Based on the book of the same name by Josh Karp, the film will debut at next month's Sundance Film Festival before hitting the streaming service later in 2018.

It looks...well, it's kind of surreal, honestly.

This looks like it'll be very watchable, but it's admittedly bizarre to see people like Jon Daly playing Bill Murray, or Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase. No, neither of those guys look like the guys they're portraying, but kudos to A Futile And Stupid Gesture for tackling that disparity head-on, right there in the trailer. One wonders how much fourth-wall breaking we'll see in Wain's film (I'm guessing the answer is: a lot). 

What do you folks think? Into this? Not so much? Have you read the book? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on A Futile And Stupid Gesture as it becomes available.