Let Charlize Theron Sell You Weed Pills In This GRINGO Trailer

David Oyelowo does not handle being kidnapped well.

After the Sicario 2 trailer dropped yesterday, promising Golan & Globus levels of unnecessary violence South of the Border, today's trailer for Gringo delivers another form of "Mexisploitation", once again involving the drug trade (and we're here for both, honestly). 

Directed by Nash Edgerton (The Square), Gringo is a comedy about a mild-mannered businessman (David Oyelowo), who finds himself in over his head while doing a tequila joyride. After getting kidnapped by a drug cartel, he calls on his colleagues (Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron) to help bail him out. Based on the spot, it looks like weed pills and a shady operative (Sharlto Copley) are involved as well.

Take a look: 

There's a solid chance this could go either way, quality wise, but I'm all in for Oyelowo's little girl scream. 

Gringo opens March 9th, 2018.