TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode Eight: The Sean Young Interview

In which Scott and Shultz have a wild chat with an icon.

It's been a while since we delivered a new Trying Times! The reasons why are legion - we've had challenges fall apart at the last second, scheduling conflicts that could not be reconciled, guests that flaked on us without warning, you name it - but the reason for the delay on this particular episode is simple: we had a major audio snafu that wasn't caught until after we'd recorded the episode.

And given that this episode revolves around a lengthy interview with the iconic, incomparable and always-outspoken Sean Young (Blade Runner, Dune), we were determined to salvage as much of it as possible before sending it out into the world.

This episode wasn't supposed to be so interview-heavy. Originally this installment was going to revolve around a recent trip Shultz and I took to a haunted house amusement park (Shultz is deathly a-scared of haunted houses), but once we got on the phone with Sean Young it became clear that the interview, not our haunted house shenanigans, would be the real draw for this episode. The conversation we had with Sean is pretty wild - it takes all of about three minutes before things start getting political - but I think you'll enjoy it, even if you don't agree with some of what gets said here.

We're thrilled we were able to land Sean Young for this dumb little side project of ours, and she has our sincere thanks and appreciation for coming onto the show and being so upfront and fearless in expressing her beliefs. 

Give it a whirl.

As we mention at the very end of this episode, Trying Times has proven difficult to schedule with regularity. In between the format of the show and our largely conflicting schedules, it's not always possible to deliver one of these every month. That said, Shultz and I always have a blast putting a new episode together, and are committed to making this an ongoing thing even if it means delivering new material less frequently. By giving ourselves that freedom, we think we'll be able to plan bigger challenges and make each installment just that much more special, and we hope you'll stick with us, even if we're not always popping up with clockwork precision.

Again, thanks so much to Sean Young for taking part in this, and thanks to everyone who listened to our exceptionally silly show over the past year. We've got some fun stuff planned for 2018, and we think we'll survive almost all of it.