Kendrick Lamar Has Something In The Works For BLACK PANTHER


Month after month, some new tidbit of information about Black Panther has set the internet on fire. From Ryan Coogler to each member of the cast to the release of that first trailer, #BlackPantherSoLit may be on its way to becoming a permanent fixture of Twitter and we may even have to dust it off right before Christmas. Kendrick Lamar, arguably the best storyteller in modern Hip Hop, just dropped the video for "Love" of his 2017 album Damn, and it contains something pretty interesting at the 1:54 mark:

First of all, that's a great video. Second of all, did you catch it?

Here it is again:

There hasn't been any official statement from Marvel or Lamar yet, but that seems pretty explicit if you ask me.

Back at Comic Con in July, Ryan Coogler & co. premiered a Hall H-exclusive trailer that reportedly blew the roof off. It was the first time the cast had seen it too (they were noticeably elated), and it happened to be set to Kendrick's "DNA" off the same album. Coogler and Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman are self-professed Kendrick fans as well, so this collaboration feels like it was written in the stars. 

Man, this thing keeps sounding better and better. Is It one track? Several? What's it going to sound like? We'll keep our ear to the ground and keep you posted. February 16th can't come soon enough.