Latest BLACK PANTHER TV Spot Continues To Wow

This movie looks just amazing.

It's no mystery that I'm not a "Marvel Guy". In fact, I'd lay down a pretty heavy wager that most folks would place me squarely in the "anti-Marvel" camp. That said, I still watch all these movies, trying to find something to enjoy in each (as I do with all pictures I sit down with).

So, take all of that into account when I say that Black Panther is easily one of my most anticipated films in 2018. Ryan Coogler proved with Creed that he's one of the most exciting dudes making big budget entertainment these days, and all the footage we've seen thus far from his MCU entry seems to back that up.

Now comes another TV Spot for Black Panther (titled "King"), and its just as exciting as the rest. Take a look:

Oh hell yes, we're so ready for this one. 

Black Panther arrives in theaters February 16th, 2018.