This May Be Our First Look At The SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Poster

UPDATE: It isn't.

If you've been on Twitter at any point during the past hour, there's a good chance you've seen what some are claiming to be the very first poster for Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story. The image began making the rounds without any real context...

...before our friends over at SlashFilm pointed out that the image appears to be international promotional art of some kind. A reverse Google Image search (thanks for the heads up, Kenny!) appears to back this up, showing the image on some kind of Russian licensing site. Very interesting. 

UPDATE: According to SlashFilm, "Disney and Lucasfilm have confirmed to us that this art was not created by them for the movie and are not aware of its origins." The wait for official Solo marketing materials continues.

As you know, we're allegedly five months out from Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters, and fans have been vocal about the film's general lack of promotional material to this point. The conversation really seemed to heat up in the wake of The Last Jedi's release (many of us assumed the first Solo trailer would be attached to that film), and some have openly wondered if the film might not be pushed back until December. It'd certainly be understandable, given the setbacks this project experienced during production.

As of this writing, Howard's film is still slated for release this coming May. We'll be keeping our ear to the ground for updates on that front and will let you know if we hear anything.