LIKE ME Trailer Live Tweets Its Crime Spree

The SXSW hit is a must see for weirdos.

I saw Like Me at SXSW, and it's a totally unique experience. More a social commentary than a straight ahead thriller, Addison Timlin (Little Sister) plays a wild loner who embarks on a crime spree that she broadcasts over various social media platforms. While that may sound like a fairly standard horror set up, it becomes a dark observational drama about our need to document every moment of our lives, even the awful ones, often out of desperation and loneliness. 

Now, there's a trailer for Like Me, here to sell you on all its idiosyncratic oddness. Check it out:

I forgot to mention the part where our "hero" amasses an entourage out of a drifter, an internet troll, and a paint sniffing weirdo whom she pulls into her psychedelic, junk food-fueled rampage. 

Like Me is written/directed by freshman filmmaker Robert Mockler, and produced by indie horror legend Larry Fessenden. If you're a genre nut, it's definitely worth a watch when it arrives in select theaters on January 26th.