Matt Berry Is Cooking Up Another Slice Of TOAST OF LONDON

I shit thee nay.

First of all: if you haven't watched Toast of London yet, get on it. It's a hilarious and surreal British cult sitcom starring Matt Berry (Garth Marenghi's Darkplace; The IT Crowd; Snuff Box) as egocentric actor Steven Toast, doing workman-style gigs (such as voicing the alerts for Navy submarines) and leading a dysfunctional life around London. There are three seasons and eighteen episodes, and they're all on Netflix, so get busy.

The probability of a fourth season has been somewhat iffy until now, but Berry is apparently ready to start writing again with co-creator Arthur Matthews.

This entire news story, admittedly, is based around four vaguely affirmative words - "Yeah, there will be" - spoken by Berry on BBC Radio 6 (quoted by the Radio Times) earlier this month. Furthermore, Berry doesn't know when the series will return, and is still only roughing out some stories, not writing scripts. He previously told the Radio Times that "it’s a year to write and then it’s the pre-production and then you’ve got to film’s your whole year taken up with one series," which honestly is the kind of medium-term job security Toast himself would crave.

We're all big fans of Toast of London here at BMD; all the more so since supporting actor Shazad Latif took one (or more) roles on Star Trek: Discovery. Feel free to share your favourite Toast quotes in the comments; we know you will anyway. We would.