There’s A Lot Of Killing In This TRUTH OR DARE Trailer

Now you just have to figure out if I’m lying or not.

The first trailer for Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare is out. I think you should watch it first before I get into what all’s going on here:

This trailer took my expectations on a real rollercoaster ride. At first I thought a group of camping teens playing Truth or Dare while horror shit built up looked pretty good. Then they leave the camp, and I got bummed out.

But then the game keeps going! And if you don’t follow through on your part of the game, you sort of Final Destination yourself to death. A lot of people do that here, making me wonder if we just saw every death in the film (with the rest filled up by boring haunting stuff) or if Truth or Dare’s looking to have a next-level body count. All I know for sure is I’m much more curious about this one than I was ten minutes ago. How about you?

Truth or Dare hits theaters April 27.