Watch Bruce Willis Sleepwalk Through Another DEATH WISH Trailer

In which Eli Roth's latest gets a shrug-inducing new trailer.

On the one hand, a Death Wish remake starring Bruce Willis and directed by Eli Roth is, on paper, an admittedly interesting idea: without seeing a frame, you know such a thing is certain to be morally problematic, gruesomely violent, and generally ill-advised.  

On the other hand, the new Death Wish trailer seems to promise a cheap-looking retread of an all-too-familiar story, not to mention Bruce Willis exhibiting an all-too-familiar lack of effort. God love the man, but he appears to be sleepwalking through this thing.

See if you don't agree.

Look, the BMD crew's divided on this one, but I think I'm tapping out for good. Somewhere in between the hand-written "UNSOLVED CASES" sign hanging in Dean Norris' office (why would Dean Norris' character need that sign?), the cheap-looking sets, the flat lighting, and Willis' transparently apathetic performance, I'm thinking this one won't be for me. There was potential in the idea, but in execution (no pun intended) this remake looks like a half-assed bummer. 

Maybe that's just me. What do you guys think? Into this or not so much? Sound off in the comments below, and be aware that Eli Roth's Death Wish lands in theaters on March 2nd.