Finally! Learn Which Decade GAME OF THRONES Is Coming Back!

Answers inside.

It’s been rumored that we would have to wait longer than normal (I mean even longer than the last time we had to wait longer than normal) for Game of Thrones to come back for its final season. The rumor indicated that we might not actually see the show this year at all.

Turns out that was correct. According to EW, Game of Thrones won’t be back until 2019. But look on the bright side. That’s better than 2020, which none of us will be here for anyway.

Also confirmed, the season will only run six more episodes. I used to think that wasn’t nearly enough time to wrap everything up, but the way the latest season burned through long-standing plots kind of shut me up on that front. Now I wonder if there’s enough left to fill six hours. If it is six hours, that is. Last season also really went nuts on the running times as well.

So what I’m saying is Game of Thrones will do whatever it wants. And right now, it wants to take an extra year making sure we’re all very happy with its last handful of episodes. And hopefully we are. There’s so much great TV out there, I honestly don’t mind waiting until after the bombs drop to see how things shake out in ol’ Westeros.