NOSTALGIA Trailer Wants You To Cry, You Little Baby

Great cast. Great screenwriter. But this trailer, tho.

Jon Hamm. Catherine Keener. Ellen Burstyn. Bruce Dern. John Ortiz. Nick Offerman. Amber Tamblyn. 

You'd think with a cast like that, and a screenplay credit by Alex Ross Perry (Queen of EarthListen Up, Philip), I wouldn't be rolling my eyes so hard at the trailer for Mark Pellington's Nostalgia, but here we are, and my orbs are SORE in their sockets. 

Take a look and see if you can make sense of this thing:

I think we get a sense of the truthful melancholy that's buried under the saccharine sheen layered onto this clip, but holy jeez that looks way more Oprah's Book Club than it does indie drama. This collective of creatives almost certainly guarantees someone from BMD will check it out, but it'll be interesting to see what kind of movie Nostalgia actually is, as the acidity of both Pellington (I Melt With You) and Perry's work can't completely be absent from this weep fest ... can it? 

Guess we'll have to see when Nostalgia opens in theaters February 16th.