Somehow, They Remade INSIDE (And Here’s The Trailer To Prove It)

The New Extremity home invasion classic sheds its subtitles.

There was a string of ludicrously brutal, gory and shocking motion pictures that came out of France during the early aughts that made up the New Extremity horror movement (with Claire Denis' Trouble Every Day acting as the arguable starting point). Films like Haute Tension were snatched up, trimmed, and unleashed in the States, sometimes in poorly dubbed fashion, leading to a few prominent Hollywood careers (as in the case of Alexandre Aja). 

Now, one of the very best (not to mention bloody) entries into France's premier splatter showcase - Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's Inside - has been given the English remake treatment, featuring Rachel Nichols (Star Trek) and Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive) as a grieving mother due any day to deliver ... and the psychotic woman who invades the soon-to-be mama's home. If this trailer is any indication, director Miguel Ángel Vivas (Kidnapped) stuck pretty damn close to the original (right down to certain shot selections). 

Take a look:

So, here's the thing: that looks really slick (and if you've seen Vivas' Kidnapped, you know he's not opposed to a serious level of uncomfortable violence). However, I've also seen the remake of Martyrs - another classic of the New French Extremity that was butchered during the redux process - and that's keeping me from being totally enthusiastic. 

Nuevo Inside hits theaters and VOD January 12th. Curiosity is definitely going to compel this writer to check it out. How about you folks?