We Have No Idea What The Hell’s Going On With ROBIN HOOD, Either

What even is this movie?

Over the past week or so, a quartet of new Robin Hood images have made their way online. Now that we've got them all sitting in front of us, we're not sure what the hell to make of them. 

Let's take a look.

Here we have Maid Marion (Eve Hewson) being instructed in the ways of archery by Robin Hood (Taron Egerton) himself. You look at this photo and you think, "A little slick, maybe, but sure: this is what a Robin Hood movie usually looks like."

This photo prominently features Jamie Foxx's Little John. It, too, looks mostly like a Robin Hood movie, though here's where you might start to notice something strange about the costumes: they're unusually clean and professionally-textured. Modern, even.

See also: this other photo of Robin Hood (still Taron Egerton). What the hell is going on with this get-up? Why do Robin Hood's clothes look so well-manufactured? Next thing you know we're gonna have the Sheriff of Nottingham rocking Hunger Games future chic while standing in front of a group of soldiers who may or may not be holding actual guns.

"Like this?"

Yes! Exactly like that! If you're anything like this writer, you might suspect that this Robin Hood is actually set in the distant future. This would be the lamest reimagining possible, but at least it'd be something different. Here's the thing, though: I've done a little behind the scenes digging, and have been assured that this movie (which is technically an origin story, everyone's favorite thing) really is set in the past. 

In other words: there appears to be no conspiracy here, just a number of baffling costume designs and some possibly anachronistic weaponry (those "guns" are probably steam-powered crossbows or some shit, you don't know). 

Otto Bathurst's Robin Hood, a film you are all clamoring for, will arrive in theaters on September 21st.