Los Angeles: Jason Voorhees Is Back On The Big Screen - Win Tickets!

Screamfest is hosting a 30th anniversary screening of THE NEW BLOOD and we got a pair of tickets for one of you!

If the rumors are to be believed, Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood producer Barbara Sachs was hoping to score a prestigious director for the film - Federico Fellini has been mentioned as the sort of filmmaker she was looking for. And while I have no doubt that "Fellini The 13th" would have been the weirdest entry in the franchise if it had come to pass (though his filmography suggests he seemed more primed for the eighth film - Friday the 13th 8 1/2 - And The Ship Sails On!)  I think they ultimately made a more logical call with John Carl Buechler, who may not have a Palme D'Or but definitely has the correct sensibilities for the seventh installment of a series about a bunch of idiot teens getting hacked up in the woods. 

For starters, Fellini probably wouldn't have had the foresight to cast Kane Hodder in the role of Jason. We can thank Buechler for that one, as they worked together on the previous year's Prison and the director was taken by how committed Kane was for his brief role and thus would probably go all out to play Jason Voorhees, by now the real star of these things. Kane would go on to be the only actor to play Jason a second time (and a third and fourth!), and his look in this film is considered to be the "ultimate" Jason (especially for his post-death "zombie" appearances), so I think it's safe to say that it was a good thing things didn't work out with Fellini. In fact it was the last of the original series to open at #1 at the box office (Jason wouldn't be on top again until he teamed up with Freddy, four movies and fifteen years later) and remains one of the most talked-about entries due to the unique heroine (Lar Park Lincoln's telekinetic Tina) and MPAA-mangled kills, which would have been some of the goriest ever seen in the series but had to settle for wackiest. A party favor in the eye! A weedwhacker! Plus: the infamous "sleeping bag being slammed into a tree", which was lovingly recreated for the recent video game (which largely stuck with unique kills). 

In order to celebrate The New Blood's 30th anniversary, Hodder and Buechler, along with cast members John Otrin ("John Shepard"), Heidi Kozak ("Sandra"), and more will be on hand for a Q&A at this Thursday's "Fears and Beers" Screamfest screening of the film here in Los Angeles. The Q&A will be moderated by yours truly, and I'll be handing out some prizes for (easy!) trivia questions. Want to come? Well you're in luck, because I have a pair of tickets to give away! Entering to win the pair is pretty easy - just comment below answering this simple question: besides the sleeping bag (everyone's favorite, including Kane's), what's the most memorable kill in this movie? I have helpfully included a video of all of them below if you need a refresher. Please include your twitter handle or some other reasonably easy way to get in touch with you, and obviously be in Los Angeles (or able to get there). But we love discussion here, so if you'd like to just chime in with your favorite kill(s) but can't actually make it, please make a note of that. I'll be notifying the winner sometime Wednesday afternoon.

If you don't like your chances, tickets are still available HERE. The screening will take place at the TCL Chinese 6 in Hollywood, this Thursday, January 11th at 7:30 pm, with the Q&A taking place after the film. If you're 21+ you get a free beer with your ticket (p.s. the TCL has a bar and you can bring your drinks into the movie), so I say between the movie, the Q&A, the beer, and the potential prizes it's a pretty good deal for 16 bucks. See you there!