Suit Up In Preparation For DCTV’s Return Next Week

Waiting on YOU, Barry and Kara.

Network television is always kind enough to give us all a little bit of a break when the holidays come around. None of us really have time to keep up with four separate superhero shows with all that going on, but now those days have past and it's time to get back in the saddle! DCTV's biggest heroes all return to the small screen soon, and they made a little short to get us ready. Check it out.

It's no Superhero Fight Club, but there's plenty of fun to be had in this montage of our heroes suiting up for the latter half of their seasons. Oliver sniping at Barry while being both charmed and perplexed by Kara is always a gift, and we get a couple tidbits outlining what we can expect later on. For example, no one expected Wild Dog to stay off Team Arrow for long, and it looks like Kid Flash will be returning to Central City to help out the rest of the team in the latter half of the season, so don't worry if you were missing those two. Surprisingly missing is Colton Hayne's Roy Harper, who has already been confirmed to return in the latter half of Arrow.

We also get a little bit of a surprise at the end. At SDCC last year the creators of Black Lightning were mum on the show's inclusion in the Arrowverse, but it appears their crew will be at least somewhat adjacent to Oliver and Company in the seasons to come.

What are you most excited to see when DCTV returns starting January 15th?