This Virtual ALIENS Ride Is An Express Elevator To Hell

Luckily, you can watch in the comforting safety of YouTube.

There’s this video game, Planet Coaster. Maybe you've heard of it. Released in 2016 by Frontier Developments (Elite: Dangerous, the Rollercoaster Tycoon series), it’s a vast theme-park simulator in which players create original rides seemingly limited only by imagination and computer resources. There’s been a plethora of absolutely insane creations made in the game, which you can readily find on YouTube, but "Aliens: The Ride" has to be one of the most impressive.

Created by YouTube user Hin Nya, the Planet Coaster build contains a slew of custom models, animations, and textures, and recreates nearly the entirety of Aliens in roller-coaster form. It’s a smart adaptation, too: rather than putting the rider through literal recreations of the film’s setpieces, it re-interprets the action sequences as high-speed rollercoaster segments, and moments of quiet tension as slow-moving anticipation. The dropship sequence is a particularly impressive bit of sleight-of-hand, while sequences inside Hadley’s Hope use lighting, projections, and environmental design to great effect. Watch the whole thing in action here:

Though this would be impossibly enormous to build in real life, it’s a fine demonstration of what fans tend to look for in licensed rides: a mixture of kinetic excitement, atmospheric immersion, and recognisable situations. We so rarely get all three of those at once in rides - a unique form of entertainment with weird creative crossovers into theatre, cinema, and game design. It’s also a testament to the flexibility of Planet Coaster. The fact that Frontier Developments is currently at work on Jurassic World: Evolution should be very exciting indeed.