Marvel’s Potential BLACK WIDOW Film Finds A Writer

Move over, RED SPARROW.

Marvel fans have been clamoring for a Black Widow film for quite some time. Natasha Romanoff’s popularity has skyrocketed in the years since her debut, but unlike most of her male Avengers counterparts, she’s yet to get her own film. There have been rumbles over the past year that Marvel might change that somewhere down the road, but nothing substantial has come from the folks who make the decisions.

We’re here to report that nothing’s really changed on that front, but we do, at least, have a Variety article quoting “sources” that reveals a writer for the yet to be greenlit film. Even with Marvel failing to confirm one way or the other immediately, we’re at least seeing a conversation continue to build around Black Widow finally getting a movie of her own. More than all that: the writer we’re getting is Jac Schaeffer.

Schaeffer isn’t a household name yet, but she’s a Princeton grad with screenwriting skills good enough to catch the eye of both Marvel and Anne Hathaway. She’s currently working with Hathaway on Nasty Women, and has worked on other projects like TiMER and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (calm down, comments section).

And that “she” up there isn’t a typo. If this thing does manage to get greenlit by Marvel, we’ll be getting a Black Widow film written by a woman.