New Trailer For BARRY Provides A Hitman With A New Calling

He just wants to act. Not kill people.

Look, if you make a series where Bill Hader is a hitman who stumbles into wanting to become a thespian, and Henry Winkler is his cranky acting coach, you're pretty much guaranteeing I'll watch whatever the end result is. Hader's too goddamn charming, and Winkler's too goddamn goofy for me to say "no" to that proposition. 

So, count me in for HBO's Barry, the network's new half-hour comedy, which is looking better and better with each new promo spot. The latest focuses on the titular death merchant, who might want to settle down with a copy of Mamet's Speed-The-Plow after he puts two silenced bullets in your mug. 

Take a look:

Sweetening the deal is the fact that Hader's also directing episodes of Barry, making his debut behind the camera, and ensuring his creative touch is felt in all areas of the production. The guy's got ambitions, and we're here for them. 

Barry premieres on HBO March 25th.