Q Is Standing By For BOND 25

Ben Whishaw is on board - whenever they get around to starting production.

Ben Whishaw, currently in theaters voicing the eponymous bear in Paddington 2, is out there giving those promotional sound bites, as per tradition. And as tends to happen with actors from the James Bond franchise, folks are asking Q about the next 007 adventure. 

And the breaking news is that Whishaw has no idea what's going on with Bond 25. From Metro:

“I haven’t had an update for a while. I would imagine, I think they have a release date for next year, so I think by the end of this year we have to have started filming something. Although it has gone strangely quiet, but that’s often the way it goes.”

I suppose the tacit good news here is that Ben Whishaw Will Return As Q In BOND 25. Should have gone with that as the headline. Damn. 

Bond 25 opens on November 8, 2019. Plan accordingly.