Trailer For FLOWER Is Looking To Catch Perverts In The Act

Zooey Deutch plays Nancy Drew, sex pest hunter.

Zooey Deutch is creepin' on a come up, having landed a huge role in Richard Linklater's slept-on Everybody Wants Some! and played the romantic lead in the goofy James Franco joint Why Him? (which led to her smaller role in this year's Awards contender, The Disaster Artist). 

Now comes Flower - a rather dark-looking comedy where Zooey plays a high-school girl dealing with her own coming-of-age, while also trying to catch the alleged sex pest (Adam Scott) who may have molested her new stepbrother (Joey Morgan) and sent him down a rabbit hole of drug addiction. Her mom (Kathryn Hahn) and mom's boyfriend (Tim Heidecker), meanwhile, must figure out how to rein her in. 

Take a look at this first trailer, which is a lot funnier than the above description implies:

Look, whatever Flower ends up being, we're here for more Heidecker as a goofy father figure.

Co-written by Matt Spicer (Ingrid Goes West) and directed by Max Winkler (Ceremony), the movie's got an offbeat feel that's totally up BMD's alley, so expect to hear more about it when the picture drops March 16th.