Trailer For THE VANISHING OF SIDNEY HALL Sets Up A Literary Mystery

In which Kyle Chandler searches for a fictional J.D. Salinger riff.

Sidney Hall premiered at Sundance last year, sported an attractive cast (Logan Lerman, Elle Fanning, Blake Jenner, and Kyle Chandler), was purchased by A24, and then promptly disappeared after the festival with little word of mouth to its name. 

Now, A24 has debuted the trailer for The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, their retitled release for the film. While you may sign up expecting a mystery based on moniker alone, this spot shows that the movie's more about a young literary figure who retreats into obscurity following some fame and a flurry of controversy. 

Take a look: 

Count me as intrigued, as I love Lerman (shouts out to Perks of Being a Wallflower for life), and Kyle Chandler is always a welcome presence.

Here's hoping The Vanishing of Sidney Hall delivers on its promise of a literary whodunit when it hits March 2nd. It will also be released exclusively on DIRECTV January 25th.