Trailer For TRUST Delivers Another Take On The Getty Kidnapping

Danny Boyle's looking to give Ridley Scott a run for

Ridley Scott's All the Money In the World will almost certainly be remembered more for the controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey's replacement with Christopher Plummer - via an expensive series of reshoots and some slick editing - than for how good the final movie is (though, it still is pretty good). But if Danny Boyle (Steve Jobs...28 Days Later) has anything to say about it, the project will be eclipsed completely by his own spin on the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. 

Trust is the new FX series - created by Simon Beaufoy (127 Hours) and executive produced by Boyle - that will tackle the 1973 act of terrorism by a rogue band of Italian criminals, and the resulting stand-off between the crooks and the kid's hyper-wealthy Pop-Pop. Only instead of Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, and Michelle Williams, we have Donald Sutherland (as cold billionaire J.P. Getty), Brendan Fraser (as former CIA man, James Fletcher Chace), and Hillary Swank (as John Paul's mother, Gail Getty). Expect a lot of side-by-side cast comparisons to All the Money when this thing drops. 

Now, FX has released a trailer so that we can glimpse Beaufoy and Boyle's take on the crime. Have a look:

That certainly looks like a Danny Boyle production, alright. Only, instead of compressing the kidnapping into two hours, Trust is expanding it over multiple seasons, exploring the better half of the twentieth century through the Gettys' green-filled eyes. Pretty ambitious stuff, and worth the double dip into history, especially since we have a director like Boyle (who helmed the first three episodes) laying the groundwork. 

Trust premieres on FX March 25th.