Gabrielle Union Is NOT Messing Around In First BREAKING IN Trailer

“Broke into the wrong goddamn rec room, didn't ya you bastard!” - Sadly not a line from this film.

Now THIS is a movie plot! A single mom brings her two kids to get her dead dad’s super house ready for the market. Turns out, this guy had a super house because he was into some wild shit. Bad guys who know about that wild shit show up to rob the house, locking the mom out and taking her kids hostage. Again, it’s a super house, she so has to figure out some extra-creative way to get in there and fuck all their shits up.

I am totally in, and I’m betting you will be too after checking out this trailer:

Listen, Gabrielle Union is going to fucking destroy Twilight-Dad into a million pieces and I am not missing this for the world. Breaking In comes out on Mother’s Day and will be so good they’ll have to change it to Breaking In Day. You mothers will have to pick some other day. I don’t yet know what this film is rated, but please god let it be rated R.