Vignette For PROUD MARY Reminds You PROUD MARY Comes Out Friday

Look, we're just gonna keep telling you PROUD MARY comes out Friday. Ya dig?

Proud Mary lands in theaters this weekend, and BMD has been touting this whole week as #ProudMaryWeek, because it feels like, I dunno, Sony may have forgotten that they were releasing the film. 

So, keeping with that spirit, here's a new featurette, which showcases star Taraji P. Henson talking about the titular hit-woman's journey.

Check this shit out: 

In case you missed the rest of #ProudMaryWeek, here's some links.

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Later today, Candice Frederick's got a neat treat for you, and Andrew will be reviewing the movie bright and early Friday, straight outta Canada. 

In case you forgot, Proud Mary comes out Friday. Get your ass a ticket here