First VENOM Pic Reveals Tom Hardy Will Look Like Tom Hardy In The Film

For a moment at least, you will see the actor’s whole face.

Tom Hardy’s Venom movie is a super curious project. Mostly because it's hard to imagine why Tom Hardy would even be in a Venom movie, not to mention Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate. I know that dumb comic book movies attract big talent, but these are all people who tend to avoid such stuff (I know, I know, Hardy played Bane, but that was some Nolan ish).

So the temptation is to believe Venom will be something more special than its source material would indicate. That of course remains to be seen, but in the meantime, we at least have our first photo to ogle:

Sorry. That’s just Tom Hardy looking like Tom Hardy. No look at Venom himself yet. But! Look closely and we find ourselves a minor mystery to solve:

Looks like this version of Eddie Brock can not only read but write as well! And he has some tough questions for someone. I’ll let you suss out what all this could mean in the comments. Have fun!

Venom comes out October 5, 2018.