HBO’s FAHRENHEIT 451 Adaptation Looks Very Cool

In which Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon do Bradbury.

The HBO PR Twitter handle (not to be confused with the regular ol' HBO Twitter handle, I guess) just dropped three new images from Ramin Bahrani's forthcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, and they are...

...wait for it...


For those of you who've not read the Bradbury book on which Bahrani's film is based, Fahrenheit 451 is set in a future where media is tightly controlled by the government. Books have been outlawed, and agents known as "firemen" are tasked with wiping the offending tomes off the face of the Earth. 

This first photo features ya boi Michael Shannon as Beatty, the firecaptain and mentor to Michael B. Jordan's Montag. Montag's been having a crisis of conscience about his chosen profession, and ... well, let's just say their relationship won't be improved by Montag's reluctance.

Speaking of, here's Michael B. Jordan as Montag again. You already saw this photo at the top of the page. Check out that lighting, though.

Finally, we have a photo of Sofia Boutella as Clarisse, an informant who "gets caught between the competing interests of Montag and Beatty." You might remember Boutella from last year's The Mummy, assuming you saw The Mummy (#RIPDarkUniverse).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO's Fahrenheit 451 will be along sometime this spring. We're very excited about this one, so stay tuned for many further updates as we get closer to the film's arrival (in the meantime, I suggest checking out Bahrani's incredible 99 Homes, which also stars Michael Shannon).