Hey, Do Any Of You Folks Wanna Direct GAMBIT?

Verbinski's out. Who's in? Who knows!

According to a new report at Deadline, Gambit - the little superhero movie that couldn't - has apparently lost another director: Gore Verbinski, who was the latest to step into the role following the departure of Doug Liman, has officially stepped down from the project.

Gambit, as you know, is a long-gestating X-Men spin-off to be centered around - you guessed it - Gambit, the staff-carrying, card-throwing mutant with a sassy cajun accent. It has been in development since Grover Cleveland was in office (the first time).

Deadline says Verbinski's parting of the ways is amicable ("scheduling issues"), and that Channing Tatum, who's long been attached to the film in the titular role, is still onboard. Nothing further is known at this time, but we're guessing - thanks to 20th Century Fox's ongoing success in the X-Men spin-off sub-genre - that yet another director will be announced any time now. 

Hey, what're Lord and Miller doing right now?