Teaser For Jason Reitman’s TULLY Reunites Him With Charlize Theron

Oh, and Diablo Cody's along for this ride, too.

Jason Reitman's last feature - the Adam Sandler dramedy Men Women & Children - was an absolute disaster. Nothing about it worked, and the less we say about it, the better.

However, Reitman is still responsible for a few movies that are subjectively divisive, but objectively pretty great (looking at you, Juno and Up In the Air). And Young Adult - his previous collaboration with Charlize Theron and screenwriter Diablo Cody - is an overlooked masterpiece, full of enough black comedy and painful truth to fill five motion pictures. To wit, one bad movie does not a bad director make. 

Now, Reitman, Theron, and Cody are back with Tully, which explores the joys of motherhood through Charlize's overworked, underslept eyes. Take a look:

Co-starring Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston, and Mark Duplass, Tully looks like it'll be the perfect film for Reitman to bounce back from his last picture with. We're definitely intrigued, and Reitman's also got the Hugh Jackman-starring The Front Runner later this year, so it looks like he's jumping back into the ring with two fists. 

Tully hits theaters April 20th.