Watch Out Tumblr, Bryan Fuller’s Helping On Anne Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES Show

Oh boy, is this a match made in heaven. Or hell. Whichever’s coolest.

You might want to sit down for this one. It looks like Bryan Fuller is going to help out on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles TV show from Paramount (which optioned all 11 books last year).

Still with us? First off, some already-known details about the show. Anne Rice will serve as executive producer. Her son Christopher Rice will be the main writer and showrunner. So right away, this won’t exactly be Fuller’s joint.

But he is helping Anne and Chris Rice write the pilot, and it’s hard to imagine a better marriage of personal quirks and source material. If you thought Hannibal was homoerotic… good grief this is going to be glorious.

Now some cold water. Fuller has recently traded in his reputation for running shows that get canceled to straight up running from shows altogether, having abandoned both Star Trek: Discovery and American Gods. So it’s hard to predict how long he’ll lend this project his talents. However long we get him, I am fucking here for it.