Bob Odenkirk’s Getting His Own JOHN WICK-Style Action Thriller

Are you ready to see Saul Goodman kick an unholy amount of ass?

Here's a thing we didn't expect to be reporting today: according to Deadline, national treasure Bob Odenkirk has just signed on to develop, produce and star in his very own John Wick-style action-thriller called Nobody. In case you think we're jumping to conclusions on that comparison, the film's also being produced by Atomic Blonde director David Leitch and written by Derek Kolstad, who penned the script for the original John Wick.

Says Deadline:

"The story follows a man who comes to the defense of a woman being harassed by thugs, only to learn later that one of the men he put in the hospital is the brother of a drug kingpin, now out for vengeance."

Obviously, this is a new direction for Odenkirk, known to probably half of our audience as the co-creator of Mr. Show and the other half as Saul Goodman, the rascally lawyer Odenkirk played on Breaking Bad (and now in Better Call Saul). Can he pull it off? There's no reason to believe otherwise. Time and again, Odenkirk's proven himself capable of whatever material gets put in front of him, so we're not gonna bet against him. Besides, what kind of monster would root against Bob Odenkirk going full Neesons? 

Anyhoo, Nobody's probably a ways off, but we'll keep you informed as further updates roll in.