Los Angeles: Win Tickets To MOM & DAD!

Nic Cage and Selma Blair go crazy and try to kill their kids - who WOULDN'T want to see that?

Few modern mainstream actors are as polarizing as Nicolas Cage. Some find his "mega acting" insufferable, others (including me) am grateful for every second he puts on screen. Because while he does indeed turn it up to 11 more than most, he is also capable of delivering wonderful performances (Joe being one of the more recent examples) and unlike most of his peers, continually tries something new and takes chances. Case in point: Mom and Dad, which is written and directed by Brian Taylor (half of the Crank team, and who previously teamed up with Cage on... another movie. Let's not name it.) and stars Cage as the titular Dad (Selma Blair is the mom), who is afflicted by "a mass hysteria of unknown origins" which causes parents to turn violently on their children. 

So to narrow it down, this is a movie in which Nicolas Cage has an actual reason to "Cage" out, and he's doing it while he's trying to murder his own children in a black comedy from the guy who gave us Jason Statham keeping himself alive by having sex with his girlfriend in public on a mailbox. Yes. Oh, and Lance Henriksen is in the movie too, in case you were inexplicably not already on board. For reasons unknown, the film will not be playing on 4000 Imax 3D screens across the country, but instead having a VOD release alongside a limited theatrical window. Unfortunately that means a number of you probably won't get to experience this insanity on the big screen, but if you're in LA you are exempt - and we want to send you and a friend to the screening for free!

The screening will be at 7:30 on Monday, January 15th at the TCL Chinese 6 in Hollywood. More details are available HERE, but if you want to win tickets, all you have to do is comment below with your answer to the following question: What is the absolute best Nic Cage performance, in your eyes? Not necessarily the best movie, but the film in which Cage himself delivers the performance that made you a fan (and if you're not a fan, just don't enter! You're possibly a bad person and I wouldn't pick you anyway). I'll be picking/notifying the winner on Sunday, so please include your Twitter handle or some other reasonably easy way to contact you and let you know that you've won! If you don't win, or just like to spend money, tickets are still available HERE

Ms. Blair along with Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur, who play the children of the crazed couple, plus some of the film's producers will be on hand for a post-film Q&A moderated by yours truly, and I'm sure I'll have some trivia prizes, so it should be a fun night! Hope to see you there!!