Report: Quentin Tarantino Wants Al Pacino For His Manson Movie, As Well

This thing gets more exciting by the minute.

Earlier today, word broke that Leonardo DiCaprio had signed on to headline Quentin Tarantino's as-yet-untitled Manson Family movie, and the world rejoiced. How could it not? The last time DiCaprio and Tarantino got together, we got Django Unchained's Calvin Candie. 

Anyway, everyone and their uncle ran a version of this story, but Variety's take contains a new wrinkle we hadn't seen or heard elsewhere. Namely:

"As previously reported, Tom Cruise is also being pursued to star in the director’s ninth feature. Sources now tell Variety that Tarantino is interested in casting Al Pacino in the film as well. Sony is handling distribution."

Whoa, whoa, whoa - Al Pacino? That's news to us.

Imagine a late '60s Tarantino period piece, set in Hollywood against the backdrop of the Manson Family murders. Imagine a version of that movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Tom Cruise (and/or Brad Pitt) and Al Pacino. Oh, and also probably Samuel L. Jackson. That's not just a murderer's row of talent: that's a murderer's row in the worst, most dangerous supermax prison on the planet. 

This whole thing's fascinating to us, and we're dying to learn more. Stay tuned for updates on Quentin Tarantino's As Yet Untitled Movie That Has Everyone You Like In It as they become available.