THE ROAD MOVIE Exclusive Clip: You Will Believe A Car Can Float

Don't drink and sail, kids.

We first heard about Dmitrii Kalashnikov's The Road Movie back in November, when the film's first trailer arrived, and in the time since we've been dying to find out if the final product could possibly live up to the insane monkey business promised by that trailer.

A seventy-minute documentary comprised entirely of Russian dash-cam footage, The Road Movie arrives in theaters this Friday, and I can tell you that it does exactly what it says on the tin: you're gonna see flaming asteroids streaking out of the sky, trucks flipping over, a number of gnarly car crashes, bizarre encounters with rando Russians, and - in one of the film's most memorable segments - a drunk driver totally misjudging a sharp turn near a river.

Today, we are thrilled to share that very clip with you.

If you enjoyed that, there's a very good chance you will enjoy The Road Movie. We'll have a full review of the film up later in the week, from noted dash-cam enthusiast Andrew Todd, but for now we'll just say we expect Kalashnikov's movie to be very much in the BMD readership's wheelhouse (pro-tip: make a point to see The Road Movie in a theater if it's playing near you; this one really feels like it'd be best enjoyed with a crowd). 

While we're waiting on it to get here, let's take another look at the trailer:

Dmitrii Kalashnikov's exceptionally strange doc, The Road Movie, arrives in theaters via the good folks at Oscilliscope this Friday. Check local listings to see if it's playing near you, and stay tuned for Andrew's review later in the week.