THE TERROR’s New Trailer Teases Monsters In The Snow

Arctic expeditions: not even once.

The first trailer for Ridley Scott’s miniseries production of The Terror gave some strong first impressions of a show with a solid cast and a believably bleak setting. Telling the story of the doomed expedition of the Erebus and the Terror, it’s set to chronicle a fictionalised version of what went wrong in the missing ships’ hunt for the Northwest Passage. (Spoilers for a real event in history: they got stuck in the ice and they all died.)

The true story is chilling enough, featuring missing people, gnawed-on bones, and slow, excruciating deaths by starvation and cold. What’s more, the ships themselves were only unearthed in the past five years. This new trailer, however, leans into the show’s horror elements a little bit more strongly.

If you’ve read Dan Simmons’ novel upon which this series is based, you know where this is going. There’s a monster out there, and if the show can navigate the issues surrounding it (in a nutshell: it's inspired by and references pre-existing Inuit lore, but the creature itself is completely made up), it’ll be something special. Put simply, the book is fucking terrifying, and I’ll definitely be watching this adaptation - if only to see Ciarin Hinds' latest screen death.

The Terror premieres March 26th on AMC.