Gareth Edwards’ MONSTERS To Become A TV Series

But is that a good thing?

Monsters are coming to your television, but I’m betting not too many of them. The Playlist reports that a television show based on Gareth Edwards’ Monsters is being developed for UK broadcaster Channel 4. Edwards will be involved in some still-unknown capacity, but he won’t run it (that’ll be Ronan Bennett) or write it (that’ll be Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith), so who knows what’s really left for him to do.

It’s an interesting prospect, however. Monsters was a no-budget kaiju film that understandably skimped on actual monsters (though not as much as you’d think) and yet still managed to be a great take on the subgenre. Hypothetically, a TV budget could do the same. Hypothetically. I’m choosing optimism here because there’s not much else to go on.

This is all very early, so there’s no synopsis to help offer an idea of where the show would go with the concept. Monsters already got a sequel called Monsters: Dark Continent, and we don’t even know if world-building elements from that film will be included or ignored. Still, this is one to watch out for, as the concept of romantic kaiju on your TV is nothing to turn up your nose at. Not yet, anyway.