TRAIN TO BUSAN Director’s PSYCHOKINESIS Gets A Superpowered Trailer

From zombies to superheroes

Did you see this movie called Train To Busan? We did, and we liked the hell out of it. In addition to garnering critical and audience goodwill basically everywhere (making Hulk's and Priscilla's year-end lists here at BMD), it made over $135 million worldwide, which for a Korean film is not bad at all.

Director Yeon Sang-Ho's next film, Psychokinesis, now has a trailer, and it's tonally well removed from the horror-drama of Train To Busan:

So we're looking at a superhero film - or, at least, a superpower film - and a pretty goofy one at that. But this being a South Korean production, the mood will probably swing through drama, farce, thriller, and more before the credits roll. We're into that - it's part of what makes Korean cinema (and Train To Busan specifically) so unique and powerful. It's interesting also to see Yeon Sang-Ho sticking with live action, given that most of his career (like The King of PigsThe Fake, and Train's companion piece Seoul Station) has been in animation.

Psychokinesis opens this month in South Korea, and has been bought by Netflix for North American release sometime this year.