ARROW Gets An Action-Packed New Trailer

Everyone's cranky.

When we left Team Arrow before the midseason finale, the group was in pieces. Conflict on a team led by someone like Oliver Queen isn’t out of the norm, but it’s a little different when he’s being all rational and stuff in almost every other part of his life. All the same, it appears that fracture is only going to get deeper for the foreseeable future.

Here, check out the extended trailer for their midseason premiere.

So, that all seems...fine?

Dinah, Curtis and Rene think that they can function on their own as a unit (spoiler alert: this will surely fail), Cayden’s playing games with Oliver, Dig’s pretty sad he’s not the Green Arrow anymore, and Felicity’s babysitting in the Arrow Cave. At least they won’t be playing out pointless William drama when he finds out daddy dearest is still moonlighting as a vigilante. They have to save that parent/child drama for Quentin and Black Siren, after all.

Stay tuned for more on Arrow as it becomes available.