It’s Official: THE TICK Is Getting A Second Season At Amazon


Well, this seemed like a safe bet, but now it's official and we're happy to report it: Ben Edlund's The Tick is returning for a second season over at Amazon. Stars Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick) and Griffin Newman (Arthur) are both onboard to return, with production set to begin later this year for a 2019 debut.

Unlike season one - which was broken into two, six-episode chunks - The Tick's second season will be comprised of ten episodes (the press release we were sent doesn't mention anything about the season being split into halves, so we're gonna assume all ten will drop at the same time). Hooray for shorter, punchier seasons! Hooray for (presumably) not dividing the season into two chunks, with months passing in between the release of each! 

Series creator Ben Edlund says:

“I am so excited that Amazon wants to continue this wildly fruitful collaboration and that this amazing cast gets to stay together, and that we get to build this mythos further, wider, deeper, and taller. We got a good ball of mud spinning with the right tilt of axis, I'm very happy we have this opportunity to keep peopling it.”

BMD is a pro-Tick household, so we're excited to hear the show's officially returning. Speaking of which: if you're wondering, the second half of The Tick's first season will hit Amazon on February 23rd (if you're anything like me, it's been a while since you caught those first six episodes, so you might wanna rewatch season one's first half before the end of next month). 

Stay tuned for more on The Tick as it becomes available. While you're waiting: are you folks enjoying this series as much as we are? What'd you think about season one being split into two parts? What're you hoping to see in season two? Sound off in the comments below.