Jason Mitchell Gonna Make His Fortune With SUPERFLY

The STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON star is set for Director X's "remix".

The resurgence of Blaxploitation in a modern setting is an interesting pop cinema development. Proud Mary turned out to be a total dud, and we still have Tim Story's Shaft reboot to dread, but maybe Director X's Superfly "remix" will be the motion picture that captures the original film movement's essence better than the rest.

The protégé of legendary music video helmer Hype Williams (whose Belly remains a stone weirdo classic), X's Superfly just found its Youngblood Priest in Trevor Jackson, who will be filling the fur coats Ron O'Neal originally wore. Jason Mitchell will be Priest's partner in the cocaine trade Eddie, as they scheme to make one last deal before getting out of the business. 

Sweetening the pot is the fact that hip hop star Future has signed on to co-produce the picture and oversee the soundtrack, acting as this iteration's version of Curtis Mayfield (who sang the original's classic title song).

Speaking as a longtime Blaxploitation fan, there's something comforting knowing that - between X and Future - the movie's being built around a musical component, which shows they understand what made the original Superfly work so well. It's not just about a narrative, but an authentic overall vibe. Here's hoping that translates to the final product.