WB Has Read Your Petition, Will Release One JUSTICE LEAGUE Deleted Scene Instead

A predictable end to #SnyderGate.

Not too long ago, there'd been some rumblings about a Zack Snyder-overseen Director's Cut of Justice League (which quickly prompted this writer to ponder whether that was even possible). Fans hoping to get a glimpse of their Lord and Savior's unsullied vision even staged this protest at Warner Bros. headquarters, hoping that the studio would release a Whedon-free edit into the wild. 

Well, it seems that WB has taken into account this rather pained outpouring of support for an alleged Director's Cut and, in a shocking act of defiance, will release one deleted scene on its Walmart exclusive Blu-ray

In seriousness, we did get more than one release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice*, so there may eventually be a double dip on Justice League, but it's probably never going to happen. After the movie's rather disappointing box office turn, WB will probably wait and see what sort of home video return they're getting before putting any further elbow grease into this thing. Also - in fairness - I kinda liked the theatrical cut of the movie, so whatever. This "controversy" is somewhat non-existent outside of certain fan circles, anyway, as the average viewer is probably going to tweet through their Saturday Night Redbox Special before heading to the bar. 

Justice League will be available on Blu-ray at your local Walmart on March 30th. Hopefully, the deleted scene is of Ben Affleck crying.

*Actual title.