A New ALIEN Game Is Gestating At FoxNext

Can it possibly live up to ALIEN: ISOLATION?

Has there ever been a better Alien game than Alien: Isolation? That's a rhetorical question, but if you insist, the answer is no (despite the remarkably good original Alien vs Predator). Isolation is a beautifully-designed work of sci-fi horror gaming, created with love for and a deep understanding of what made Alien work so well on film. But it's also the most recent Alien game, which means any new title in the franchise has big shoes to fill.

Enter Cold Iron Studios, formed in 2015 by former BioShock, Metroid, and Neverwinter team members, which was recently snapped up by interactive publisher FoxNext to make something new with the license. No firm details have been released, but the game will be a shooter set in the Alien universe, to be released on PC and consoles.

FoxNext's last adaptation was Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, which came out late in 2017. I had mixed feelings about its game design and overall polish, but it did at least come with an almost slavish adherence to Fox's reboot of the once-flagship IP. Cold Iron CEO Craig Zinkievich talks the right boilerplate talk about the “amazing and rich universe” his studio is exploring, but the fact remains: Isolation is a shadow looming over the studio. I for one would be curious to know what their pitch was.

What kind of Alien game would you like to see? I'm not sure how much variety in design the franchise can support, but then Isolation still managed to surprise us all. Maybe this one will take a cue from Covenant and put players in the role of David, doing Spore-like experiments to try to wipe out your own creators. I'd be into that.