REPORT: Steven Spielberg’s Next Is INDIANA JONES 5, Followed By…WEST SIDE STORY?

The Beard can't stop, won't stop.

It would seem the world neither needs nor wants another Indiana Jones movie, and yet the world is getting another Indiana Jones movie. We've known this for some time (and suspected it ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm's portfolio back in 2012), but with Ready Player One ready to hit theaters and Steven Spielberg's schedule wide open, the Indiana Jones 5 threat looms larger than ever before. 

The plan has long called for Indiana Jones 5 to arrive in 2020, and - according to a new report over at Deadline - that's still the case, with Spielberg eyeing it as his next project. Back in 2015, we learned that Spielberg was considering Chris Pratt for a role in the film (we never learned what that role might entail, but many speculated that Pratt might be playing a younger iteration of Ford's iconic character), but there's been nothing further on those rumors since.

Intriguingly enough, Deadline's report also tells us that Spielberg might follow Indiana Jones 5 with an adaptation of West Side Story, which Deadline categorizes as Spielberg's "dream project". Here's what they're saying about all that:

"Spielberg has long been interested in a new version of the 1961 classic movie West Side Story, which was co-directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins from the Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim musical. Frequent Spielberg collaborator Tony Kushner has been working on the script."

A Spielberg musical is definitely something we'd have interest in seeing. Another Indiana Jones, not so much (note: as a fanatical Indiana Jones fan, it brings me no pleasure to say that). And yet, he'll probably want to get the latter out of the way first, if only because Harrison Ford is, as you know, only getting older by the day.

Stay tuned for more on both of these would-be Spielberg joints as further updates become available. While we're waiting, feel free to hit the comments section and pitch us your best Indiana Jones fivequel (points off if it includes Mutt).