THREAD: Rian Johnson Settles The STAR WARS Force Ghost Debate

In which the director of THE LAST JEDI drops knowledge on Twitter.

WARNING: The following post contains The Last Jedi spoilers.

As you've surely heard by now, there's been some debate among Star Wars fans in the wake of The Last Jedi's arrival. The criticisms have varied wildly, from the understandable ("Maybe Leia, not Holdo, should've been the one to make that kamikaze run") to the ridiculous ("Women have ruined Star Wars"), but one that seems particularly popular revolves around the film's treatment of Force Ghosts, the spectral form favored by Jedis.

This morning, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson took to Twitter with the following image thread, which would seem to settle the Force Ghost debate once and for all. Here's how it unfolded:

It may or may not be important to note that the books pictured in these photos were published back in 2012, before Disney took control of George Lucas' Star Wars empire. The company famously erased the franchise's expansive Extended Universe as official Star Wars canon, so there's an argument to be made that this doesn't count. In response to that, our resident Star Wars expert, Andrew Todd, tells me: "I'd point out that while it was pre-New Canon, Rian Johnson putting it into The Last Jedi makes it New Canon by default, anyway."

And there you have it. For our money, this debate's been settled. But what do you folks think? Sound off in the comments below.