JURASSIC PARK Finally Gets The Funko Treatment

The fact that it’s taken this long for Funko Pop! to create a line of Jurassic Park toys is insanity, but if you’re going to do it late you may as well do it for the film’s twenty-fifth anniversary. They’ve got a pretty great line-up of both dinosaurs and humans, including the Pop! you never knew you needed: a sexy Ian Malcolm (they call it wounded Ian Malcolm, but we all know what this is).

Alright, so we've got the people. Sweet! There's also a Dennis Nedry stand-alone Pop!, because obviously you're going to play homage to the man who caused Jurassic Park to melt down.

Then we've got the stars themselves, the dinosaurs! Two dilophosaurus versions, a velociraptor, and Rexy herself can come live on your mantle in all of their dino glory.

Because Funko Pop! knows how to play us collectors like fiddles, they've also got two exclusives going to Target and Entertainment Earth respectively. Who wants to put money down on how quickly the Ian version sells out?

If you're wondering where in the hell Doctor Ellie Sattler is, you're not alone. Don't worry, though. Funko updated their blog post yesterday to include a note on the missing Paleobotanist. Ellie is on her way in the form of a Funko Pop! Rides toy in the future.