A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE Clip Features Funny People Playing Other Funny People

In which all your favs play your other favs.

We've been looking forward to David Wain's A Futile And Stupid Gesture ever since it was announced, and the wait is just about over: Wain's film - an unusual take on the biopic format which tells the story of the National Lampoon's rise to power - arrives on January 26th.

There's any number of reasons to be hyped about this one (a new Wain joint! Legit comedy-nerd history! Martin Mull breaking the fourth wall!), but one we're most excited about has to do with the film's gigantic cast: in telling the National Lampoon's story, Wain had to hire a whole bunch of funny people to convincingly play other, more famous funny people. 

This newly-released clip gives us a look at the heavy hitters - including Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Belushi, Christopher Guest and many more - along with the people playing them (respectively John Daly, Jackie Tohn, John Gemberling, and Seth Green).

Take a look.

Even when the performers don't look exactly like their counterparts (which seems to be the case with most of the cast), they seem to have the mannerisms of these comedy legends down to a T. Close your eyes and listen to Daly delivering that line as Bill Murray. That's pretty wild.

A Futile And Stupid Gesture hits Netflix on January 26th. You folks as excited to tune in for it as we are? Sound off in the comments below.