Here’s Our Best Look Yet At The New GOD OF WAR

In which Sony Santa Monica keeps the GOD OF WAR gravy train a-rollin'.

This morning, Sony Santa Monica Studios released a brand-new trailer for their highly-anticipated (and long in the works!) God Of War reboot. It's the best look we've been given yet, with tons of story details, a parade of new footage (this thing's three minutes long), and even a joke or two along the way ("Now, first, you need to cut off my head.").

Take a look, see what you think.

Our thoughts? Unsurprisingly, this looks like another in a long line of gorgeously-executed titles from Sony Santa Monica. The voice work is top-notch, the motion-capture is about as good as it gets. The environments look varied, the creatures look cool, and the new Kratos seems adequately haunted. If there's any complaint to be lodged here, it's that...well...we've been on this ride several times now. We've done the "Big Guy Fighting Bigger Monsters" thing on many, many occasions. For as beautifully-crafted as the new God Of War looks, it's admittedly a little difficult to get excited to do that all over again.

Will the new God Of War be able to overcome that genre fatigue? We wouldn't bet against Sony Santa Monica (whose track record with this franchise is nigh unimpeachable). Here's hoping they have a number of interesting tricks up their sleeve to get us invested all over again. And, hey, if nothing else, the change towards a fresh mythology is certainly a step in the right direction! 

For now, let's call our reaction "cautiously optimistic", and hope for the best when God Of War lands (exclusively on the PS4, don'tcha know) on April 20th.