Time To Abort The Whole Freakin’ Species: John Cena Could Be DUKE NUKEM

The WWE superstar may be blasting aliens on the big screen.

If The Rock can have his Doom, then I guess John Cena playing the titular bubble gum chewing badass in Duke Nukem makes some sort of sense. 

Cena's reportedly entered talks to take the starring role in Platinum Dunes' adaptation of the popular first person shooter (who's starred in twenty-seven years' worth of titles now). 

There's no writer or director attached, and Platinum Dunes is trying to get the movie going at Paramount (after it floundered for years under the Weinsteins at Dimension). The hook, apparently, is to make Duke Nukem the "first politically incorrect action hero", keeping the character in line with the games, and probably appealing to the sort of people who voted for the current administration. 

No word on why anybody - especially Cena - thinks this sounds like a solid career move, but maybe Duke Nukem could be Platinum Dunes' manly, meatheaded answer to The Purge movies: all kickin' ass in the name of beer, titties and the U.S. of A. Or maybe it ends up written as a parody of that sort of muscled caricature - as he was originally intended, before being embraced by certain gamers for the wrong reasons - turning Cena into a sort of intergalactic, alt-right Jack Slater. 

We'll keep you updated, I guess. If Pete Travis directs this, I'd watch it.