RIVERDALE To Do The Murder Musical Episode Of Your Dreams

What's the bet on Cheryl actually going full Carrie?

There’s no shortage of musical talent on The CW’s Riverdale. Thankfully, the show has never shied away from those skills, and frequently features a musical number or two thanks to Josie and the Pussycats and their plethora of talented friends (and frenemies).

It looks like the show will continue to lean into those musical talents by having a musical episode premier later on in its second season. Unlike The Flash and Supergirl, and Buffy before it, Riverdale’s musical episode will actually be as such because they’re doing a play. Sorry if you read the headline and immediately thought Sabrina came out early to have some fun!

The students of Riverdale High will be performing Carrie: The Musical, because of course they are. The play will star none other than Riverdale’s arson-centric bombshell, Cheryl Blossom. She’ll be joined by the majority of her classmates, with the exception of Kevin Keller, who will be directing with the assistance of none other than Fangs Fogarty. Yes, that is the Serpent that Kevin had a moment with in “The Blackboard Jungle”.

Check out their full cast list below.